The Date

The Date

Release date: November 20, 2015

Starring, Juicy Jina, Brett Smith

Music: Antonio Sadano

Platform used: 3DXChat

Produced, edited and directed by Brett Smith


The story of a young woman and a middle aged man.

Somewhere on the sunny open ocean they met on a private yacht of a common friend and in a very short time they fell in love. When they went back to the hotel, their love became a steamy hot becoming of a new beautiful relationship.

Meet Jina and Brett and follow them how they complete each other in love, sex and fulfilling satisfaction.

This is the first movie of JB Heat Productions of a series of this couple. More to come with them and with others.

The Date Has Been Released

The Date
We are pleased to announce that The Date has been released to the public for viewing.
Below you can find the embedded video.
Jina and Brett met on a friend’s yacht out there on the open waters. They love sparked almost immediately. Fell in love and when they arrived back to the town, Brett took her to his hotel room and they made love…
The movie was entirely shot on the 3DXChat Platform.

If the video below doesn’t play please try this link: