COMING SOON – Double Rebound 2

Christina’s (played by Chriistina) best friend, Sarah (played by Juicy Jina) finally decides to get a taste of the life her blonde “sis” enjoys so much and after a short texting she joins her to go out clubbing. Brett and John joins them soon and after some dancing, party they go back to Christina’s place and what follows soon after will make her flat juicy and hot.
Double Rebound 2 coming soon.
Cover art and photo by Juicy Jina.

French Love

Chriistina and French Touch are very close friends. Their love for each other goes beyond simple friendship and they express that exclusively for JB Heat Productions.
Me as director and editor did my best to capture the adoring and beautiful love these two gorgeous French girls have for each other and with a suitable song now you can watch their love too.
The video was entirely shot in 3DXChat.
To watch the video please use this link:
Link comes soon…

3DXChat – Multiplayer 3D Sex Game

Downloadable multiplayer 3D sex game, online virtual world game for adults.


What is 3DXChat?

3DXChat is the best quality and highest performing virtual world [author’s opinion] on the market of online adult platforms right now. 3DXChat is what JB Heat Productions using for movies and videos, getting residents of this world involved. All our actors and actresses and crew members are regular users of this Unity powered virtual world where adults can meet and have “adult fun”.
As our videos show the 3D animations, avatar details, expressions, skin, body parts and movements are highly detailed and beautiful quality which we can harness for our exciting movies and videos.
3DXChat has a fast growing community, new members joining every day to find their virtual lover, have their never before experienced fantasies explored in this world and get away from the real life’s hard moments for a spell or for a spill :p
The world has everything to support fun and relaxing time. Three main clubs, two beaches, a beautiful yacht on the open ocean and many many residents made clubs, house parties waiting for you.
You can also meet all our actors and actresses there, all you have to do is sign up, create your avatar and meet up. Some of them have their own clubs they built and host so you can find them easily.
Don’t just dream about your fantasies, but make them happen in a clean virtual environment that can feel absolutely real sometimes, at least below the belt lol


To join 3DXChat just CLICK HERE!


RL Info:
Natsumi lives in sunny California. She is currently a chef at a bar & grill and currently single. She loves to write, cook, play piano. She also  plays video games once and a while and likes sports, mainly soccer and martial arts. Likes watching anime and a she is big fan of Legend of Zelda.

Interview with Natsumi
How did you end up doing Porn and why do you like doing it?: 
Hmm well I find sex to be awesome when you’re in the right mood for it. I masturbate pretty much every day, especially when I’m having hot one on one sex with my girl xLisbethx. Plus I do like watching some Hentai so that’s always fun.
What is your favorite sex pose and why?: 
Hmm that is a tricky one. I would have to say Doggy Style is my favorite. Reason for doggy style is why the hell not? Just the feeling of being fucked like a sex crazed animal sets me in the right mood. It might be a little humiliating but that’s the fun of it.  
What message would you like to send to your fans: 
Commence the slapping, fingering, and party hard! If you see me don’t be afraid to say hi to the 3DXChat Ninja.
If you want to meet Natsumi, CLICK HERE!

The Ho

Release date: January 12, 2016
Starring, Chriistina, BBCLord
Music: Antonio Sadano
Platform used: 3DXChat
Produced, edited and directed by Brett Smith


Samantha – played by Chriistina – is a single while female in the Ghetto where they have their own rules about sexual life. White single females must offer their body to every black men in the Hood.

In this first part you will see the steamy hot service Samantha gives to her “nigga”.


NEW Release, THE HO Part 1

We are proudly announcing our latest release, The Ho. This movie is a little different in style. Samantha – played by Chriistina – is a single while female in the Ghetto where they have their own rules about sexual life. White single females must offer their body to every black men in the Hood.
In this first part you will see the steamy hot service Samantha gives to her “nigga”.
To watch the movie please click here:
Link coming soon…

Coming soon – The Ho

Still in post production but we are happy to announce the new movie coming out soon. The Ho!
Starring: Chriistina
The Hood has it’s own inside laws. White girls have their place, to be used as they are always eager to please a black man.
Samantha (played by Chriistina) is one of the girls live in the Hood offering services to the resident black men, waiting for her chance to serve in an alley just outside of a bar, when McCoy walks up and gets the delicious and extremely sizzling pleasure.
Coming soon: The Ho

You can leave the hat on – January promo, 2016

So for 2016 we have a lot of exciting plans, stories, pretty actresses and colorful fantasies to make happen in our upcoming movies.
This music video is our first appetizer for the year. Starring Chriistina, music by Joe Cocker.
You can also find it on Naughty Machinima.
If you want to meet Chriistina, CLICK HERE!


Happy New Year – 2016

In behalf of the entire crew and myself I would like to wish a successful, blessed, healthy, happy, naughty and fantastic year for 2016 loaded with fun – and something else.
This year we will continue to bring you visual excitement from 3DXChat with skilled and beautiful actresses and actors, story writers and music. Expect to see more promo and music videos, as well as full length features that will bring your fantasy alive on your monitor screen. If you have story ideas or there is a fantasy you wish to see realized please send us an email to or just leave a comment on any of our posts or videos.
Make sure you check back here for updates as we always will have something to add. Have a good time, enjoy the year of 2016!
Brett Smith