Yes, the Videogame Overwatch Was One of Pornhub’s Biggest Searches in 2016 | WIRED

Pornhub released its year-in-review viewing statistics today, and as usual it’s a fascinating glimpse into a (humongous) corner of internet usage that isn’t discussed much in polite conversation. Besides the fact that “VR” was the fastest-growing search in just about every country, one detail in particular caught our eye: the 11th most popular search term in the world last year was our Game of the Year, multiplayer shooter Overwatch. To which you may be asking yourself: Wait, what?

Source: Yes, the Videogame Overwatch Was One of Pornhub’s Biggest Searches in 2016 | WIRED

Patch 362 on 3dxchat

3DXChat devs have fired up a new patch. Some of the updates and fixes:

– Unity Engine version updated to Unity 5.5;
– Blurry text has been corrected;
– Decorations of the Character Editor has been changed to a cozy styled room in a loft;
– Added new sex animations;
– Added a lot of pairs of shoes;
– Added new props and surfaces in the Home Editor;
– Support for virtual reality for the new generation of devices.

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Source: Patch #362 – Announcements

Keep An Eye On Kelly Gale’s Modeling Career | Observer

With over half a million Instagram followers, model Kelly Gale isn’t entirely new to the fashion scene. In fact, she’s walked the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show not once, but twice. She’s also modeled for the likes of Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. But still, she feels a bit unknown, as her face isn’t splashed across the tabloids and her sartorial choices aren’t obsessed overat least not yet.

For one, she was just announced as the face of Forever 21 Active.

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Ana Lana

Real Life
Ana Lana (first name Ana in rl) was born in March 30th, 1990. Black haired woman in rl, living in Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, (small country at the Mediterranean in the European Union) and loves spending summer time at the Adriatic coast.
She enjoys sex very much and loves meeting new people both in virtual worlds and in real life.
There is no particular color that she can call a favorite as she always tries to choose the one that fits the current situation she is in. Maybe more times than the others she chooses white.
She loves all animals but is definitely more dog than a cat person.
Her favorite pornstars are many but she always appreciated Rocco Siffredi.
Most of the time she listens pop music but often also enjoys all other music genres.
Ana loves to dance and party, doesn’t smoke and only occasionally has her favorite drink which is Piña Colada. Beside watching movies of all kind, she enjoys various outdoor activities, especially hiking, riding bicycle and diving.
Since she lives in a small and quite conservative community, trying her self in real life porn videos wasn’t an option, so she decided to live out that big fantasy of hers in a virtual world of 3DX.
She did her best to set up her avatar as close as possible to her rl appearance and you can always check out how well did she do by comparing her real life pictures in her game profile.
Interview with Ana Lana
JBH: How did you end up doing porn and why you like doing it?
Ana Lana: I wanted to experience having sex on command, even with strangers, even if I don’t like them, doing most intimate things in sex right away, including combinations which are quite rare in average sex life. I guess it excites me to put my self in kind of a submissive position and beside that I definitely enjoy being in the center of attention, especially if that attention is sexual lust aimed at me.
JBH: What is your favorite sex pose and why?
Ana Lana: I do like riding cock but definitely enjoy more when a man is in charge, pounding me hard, even anal way which can be awesome if he knows how to do it properly. That way I feel passion of being wanted and that excites me most of all.
JBH: What was the wildest sex thing you ever done (virtual)?
Ana Lana: I did threesome with two black men, sucking them both, including double penetration and a lot of anal sex, they also gave me facial cumshots.
JBH: What is your wildest dream you really want to do someday?
Ana Lana: I think I would want to try a gang bang altough I am not sure how many men would I be able to withstand.
JBH: When you are playing with yourself in RL during virtual sex what do you use?
Ana Lana: My fingers of course, but I also play with my special friend, a lifelike silicone cock which I always try to use matching the action on the screen as close as possible.
JBH: What important message would you like to send to your fans through your movies?
Ana Lana: Message would be to enjoy the life with sex and love, always avoid drama and violence. I would also like to use this occasion to say that I hope that they will talk to me and share their opinions on my videos helping me to do my best for them.

Happy New Year

We, at JBHeat Productions wish you a fantastic year for 2017. Hopefully it will bring a lot of blessing in many ways.

So what JBHeat does have for you in 2017?

Definitely more movies. There are several ideas in progress and as time and capacity allows we hope to release a new feature once every month, but there will be other shorter projects too, promos, music videos to enjoy.

A list of new actresses. We already have several new actresses lined up for our fans, bios will be posted soon and also promo videos made. Stay tuned to find out who the gorgeous new girls will be to please you on screen.

Lot of fun, updates, stories and posts. As life goes on both in real life and in virtual worlds, we find time to have fun in many different ways, new stories born to share with you all. Get ready 🙂

Thank you for the continuous support and once again, wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

The Creep

Release date: December 31, 2016
Starring, Lisa Anytime, Brett Smith
Music: Antonio Sadano
Platform used: 3DXChat
Produced, edited and directed by Brett Smith


She loves going to clubs and dance. She is young, beautiful and sexy. But there is someone watching. The Creep is a darker end of the adult film industry which is made for entertainment but also offers an awareness about possible dangers in real life.

A dark fantasy, a hard core porn.

The movie can be watched in both SD and HD. The default setting is SD for those who have slower internet. If you wish to watch it in better quality please click on the gear icon on the video window and change it to HD.