3DXChat – Multiplayer 3D Sex Game

Downloadable multiplayer 3D sex game, online virtual world game for adults.


What is 3DXChat?

3DXChat is the best quality and highest performing virtual world [author’s opinion] on the market of online adult platforms right now. 3DXChat is what JB Heat Productions using for movies and videos, getting residents of this world involved. All our actors and actresses and crew members are regular users of this Unity powered virtual world where adults can meet and have “adult fun”.
As our videos show the 3D animations, avatar details, expressions, skin, body parts and movements are highly detailed and beautiful quality which we can harness for our exciting movies and videos.
3DXChat has a fast growing community, new members joining every day to find their virtual lover, have their never before experienced fantasies explored in this world and get away from the real life’s hard moments for a spell or for a spill :p
The world has everything to support fun and relaxing time. Three main clubs, two beaches, a beautiful yacht on the open ocean and many many residents made clubs, house parties waiting for you.
You can also meet all our actors and actresses there, all you have to do is sign up, create your avatar and meet up. Some of them have their own clubs they built and host so you can find them easily.
Don’t just dream about your fantasies, but make them happen in a clean virtual environment that can feel absolutely real sometimes, at least below the belt lol


To join 3DXChat just CLICK HERE!

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