Retired from Online games

My name is Brett Smith. Mostly known from 3DXChat by making movies and music videos.

After several years in 3DXChat, having fun and making movies, music videos RL gradually took over. In a good way. I’m enjoying my life. Things are good and happy.

But I will keep posting on this website, mostly with a goal to teach you all who are interested, how to make nicely done videos in 3DXChat or in any other online game for that matter.

With 20 years in the industry and several years in 3DXChat I have a few things to offer, hopefully that you all who are interested can and will use for your hobbies.

As time allows I will share tricks I have used, trivia, little stories how I made the movies and videos that became quite popular in time and if you want to make your own, hopefully it will help you.

Comments are welcome and I will respond to all as much as I can.

More to come soon.

With regards,

Brett Smith