Newest Cover for The Date – by Juicy Jina

Jina asked me to make one of my rooms entirely white. I had no idea why, she is always full of surprises so I thought why not, she is young, hyper, always keeps me on my toes, lets see another surprise.

After I cleared the room and “painted” the walls white, she laid down on the floor, undressed almost entirely nude – god that part is always exciting – and couple minutes later asked me to wait.

You see the result below. My fantastic wife, once again proved her skills and talents in creativity too.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the #4 Cover for The Date. 🙂

The Date

New Movie Cover for The Date

The Date is much closer to the release date now. The exact planned date has been pushed back a little but the movie will definitely be released in November.

Meanwhile check out Brett and Jina’s bio and photos. Feel free to leave your comment below as well.

The new cover art photo was made by Juicy Jina, the design by Brett Smith.

The Date

Coming Soon – The Date

The Date

The story of a young woman and a middle aged man.

Somewhere on the sunny open ocean they met on a private yacht of a common friend and in a very short time they fell in love. When they went back to the hotel, their love became a steamy hot becoming of a new beautiful relationship.

Meet Jina and Brett and follow them how they complete each other in love, sex and fulfilling satisfaction.

This is the first movie of JB Heat Productions of a series of this couple. More to come with them and with others.

The movie will be released on November 1st, 2015. Get ready!