JBHeat Productions’ website is being re-pimped

Because of the popularity of our movies and because the website is so well visited, we will move all our movies to our own servers so they can be streamed in HD and will build a new face, a better website.

JBHEAT.COM is now directing visitors to the new location but you can always visit back to the old version by using http://jbheatproductions.blogspot.com

JBHeat Productions is one year old

A year ago today Jina and I founded JBHeat Productions. A virtual adult movie company making movies mostly in 3dxchat.
This one year had brought many changes for us both in private life and professionally but hey we are still here.
Celebrate this one year with us and lets continue to make these hot movies with beautiful and talented actresses from virtual worlds.


NEW RELEASE – Loveberg


This movie was released about a month ago but hectic life and all got in the way so I couldn’t post it before.

A romantic 3dxchat porn with the lovely Chriistina, placed somewhere on the cold ocean in an iceberg cave where their love and passion will heat everything up.

To watch the movie please click here:

The Ho – Part 2 has been released

The Ho 2








After a long time The Ho – Part 2 finally has been released. The first couple days of it’s show time proved it with great success, over 5000 views in 2 days. To read about the synopsis and watch the movie please follow this link: http://jbheat.com/p/the-ho-2.htmlor you can click on the cover photo on the left.

Enjoy it and please leave a comment so we know what you think of it.








After a couple months of break we are back with our next movie, coming up in June. The Ho 2. For those that enjoyed The Ho this movie will be a real treat.

Our beloved Chriistina is back (as Samantha) to show us how to get it in the ghetto based on the law of the black men.

If you have not seen the first part, you can watch The Ho here.

Coming soon. The Ho 2!

Cover art: Juicy Jina


The Beach
And there it is. The next JB Heat Productions movie is out. Beach Heat, starring Juicy Jina.
The Sun is not hot enough, Jina and Brett will heat up the beach some more through her dream she has while Brett goes for a swim.
If you have trouble watching it here you can also find it on Naughty Machinima and PornHub with the same title.
Comments are welcome. Enjoy!
To watch the movie please visit this link:

COMING SOON – Beach Heat

Starring our beloved Juicy Jina, Beach Heat is coming soon. It’s in post production now, shooting is done, we will post some updates as well.
Jina loves the beach both in real and virtual life to maintain her sexy tan. Brett is chilling next to her and then decides to take a swim cross to the little isle not far from the shore. Jina stays behind enjoying the Sun but watching Brett swim away in the distance… soon after she falls asleep deep into a sizzling hot dream.
We will share that dream with you.
Beach Heat. Coming soon!
Cover art by Juicy Jina.