JBHeat Productions Promo January, 2017

The newest JBheat Productions Promo can be watched by clicking on the link below. It was supposed to be a January promo but we couldn’t reach the target, so to say so it’s a few days late. Nevertheless it is the most recent which introduces Brett Smith as porn producer and shows what JBHeat Productions is about.

Click on the link below to watch it.

Brett Smith has been in the video industry for 20 years and making Virtual Porn since 2015, mostly on 3dxchat.

Source: JBHeat Productions Promo January, 2017

Introducing Lisa Anytime – JBHeat Productions November promotion, 2016


JBheat Productions proudly introducing it’s newest star, Lisa Anytime. Our new promotion video for November, 2016 has been released.

To read her bio please CLICK HERE.

Watch her promo video below by clicking the link below.

French Love

Chriistina and French Touch are very close friends. Their love for each other goes beyond simple friendship and they express that exclusively for JB Heat Productions.
Me as director and editor did my best to capture the adoring and beautiful love these two gorgeous French girls have for each other and with a suitable song now you can watch their love too.
The video was entirely shot in 3DXChat.
To watch the video please use this link:
Link comes soon…

You can leave the hat on – January promo, 2016

So for 2016 we have a lot of exciting plans, stories, pretty actresses and colorful fantasies to make happen in our upcoming movies.
This music video is our first appetizer for the year. Starring Chriistina, music by Joe Cocker.
You can also find it on Naughty Machinima.
If you want to meet Chriistina, CLICK HERE!