JBHEAT actress.

RL Info :
Christina is living in France in the North, 31 years old and speaks English and French. She has enlisted to the French Army. She loves respect, being treated like a princess.
3DXChat gave her a chance to do something that she can’t do in RL , but she has dreamed about it: be in porn.
Interview with Christina
JBH: How did you end up doing porn and why you like doing it?
I think it’s an interesting idea to try and why not find myself…see my limits, I love sex and do my best for satisfy everyone … no matter how many they are  and to know than people could Watch my movie. and leave a comment
JBH: What was the wildest sex thing you ever done (virtual)?
I was in Relationship and did sex and some roleplay for my man, not often in public place it’s why I come into you I can be submit to your rules your games and fantasies
JBH: What is your favorite sex pose and why?
My favorite pose in duo is the blowjob and on the couch on the man riding him for 3some to see another man come behind me and push deeper Inside me it make me scream and feel both through my body.
JBH: What is your wildest dream you really want to do someday?
To be between a lot of men and submitted to them all around me doing their fantasies and feel their pleasure in their moans
JBH: When you are playing with yourself in RL during virtual sex what do you use?
My fingers or my man when I have one ( currently alone in RL )
JBH: What important message would you like to send to your fans through your movies?
Have a lot of fun watching me I will fulfill all your desires through my movies ❤ and Enjoy a lot with me.
If you want to meet Chriistina, CLICK HERE!
Watch her promo video HERE!

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