Happy New Year

We, at JBHeat Productions wish you a fantastic year for 2017. Hopefully it will bring a lot of blessing in many ways.

So what JBHeat does have for you in 2017?

Definitely more movies. There are several ideas in progress and as time and capacity allows we hope to release a new feature once every month, but there will be other shorter projects too, promos, music videos to enjoy.

A list of new actresses. We already have several new actresses lined up for our fans, bios will be posted soon and also promo videos made. Stay tuned to find out who the gorgeous new girls will be to please you on screen.

Lot of fun, updates, stories and posts. As life goes on both in real life and in virtual worlds, we find time to have fun in many different ways, new stories born to share with you all. Get ready 🙂

Thank you for the continuous support and once again, wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

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