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Kealinne is twenty years old, and from the United States, living in New England; just north of Boston. She works full time in an office position while continuing her education. With her Associates degree almost out of the way, she can’t wait to get started on a Bachelors degree in English. She likes creativity, and boosts her imagination watching anime, playing games, and reading books. Like most New Englanders, she likes the outdoors, and goes hiking, camping, and gets out her snowboard during the winters.

Interview with Kealinne

How did you end up doing Porn and why do you like doing it?

Good question. I found that I like to role play to some degree, and while playing an MMORPG, I got myself in a situation where things got pretty hot. From there, I ended up here, and come to find out i got a kinky side. I like to explore this side of me, and heck, get off doing it.

What is your favorite sex pose and why?

I have to say that doggy style is my favorite pose. I think I enjoy it because of the sense of vulnerability. Being mounted. Feeling his full weight atop of me. Not knowing what he’ll do next, because I can’t really see him or have a sense of what he’s thinking without seeing his facial expressions. His breath against my shoulder. It’s very animalistic.

What was the wildest sex thing you ever done (virtual)?

In 3dxchat I was involved in a group orgy, there were three guys and 4 girls. This orgy went on for a good couple hours and everyone was always partnered up. I think I did just about everything and everyone in that time. At the end, all us girls got facials with a smile.

What message would you like to send to your fans?

Enjoy yourselves and don’t get caught up in any drama while you’re in game. Feel free to say hello if you see me, and I hope you enjoy the movies.

If you want to meet Kealinne, CLICK HERE!

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