Sandra M

Real Life info

She was born on 15.03.1979. in a small town in the EX-YU. Now she lives and work in Austria.
She is married very young and have two children.

The idea of sex with strangers was constantly on her mind. She is very addicted to sex. Her favorite porn actor is Joss Lescaf.

JB Heat Interview about her virtual life and porn.
JBH: How did you end up doing porn and why you like doing it?

I’ve always been attracted to the idea of being a porn actress. Now I’ts too late for me to become a RL porn star. But 3dxchat has  given me the opportunity to become a Virtual actress. I started with an old friend. We recorded two wonderful movies. Now I’m in the best production company . I hope that we will shoot many good movies.

JBH: What is your favorite sex pose and why?

With good a lover all positions are good. I love doggy, love MFM , when I hold two dicks in my hands. Love cum in my mouth and on my tits ..

JBH: What was the wildest sex thing you ever done (virtual)?

Oh..I’ve done lots a wild things here. Sex in public places, gangbangs…. When I need a good fuck, I  find several young guys. But sometimes I like to make happy some of my elderly friends. I was here with the guys from 18 years old to the 69 old gentleman .

JBH: What is your wildest dream you really want to do someday?

I dream about sex with Joss Lescaf :)

JBH: When you are playing with yourself in RL during virtual sex what do you use?

I have two dildos. One is 21cm black. Amazing. And of course I use my pretty fingers.

JBH: What important message would you like to send to your fans through your movies?

I want to enjoy it while I make movies, and i hope my fans will  enjoy watching them.


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JBHeat Productions: Machinima Porn Produced in 3DXChat

An article related to JBHeat Productions, by Caroline Resident mainly discussing Machinima and the difference between Second Life and 3DXChat when it comes to adult virtual porn making.

Please click the link below for more.

Source: JBHeat Productions: Machinima Porn Produced in 3DXChat

JBHeat Productions Promo January, 2017

The newest JBheat Productions Promo can be watched by clicking on the link below. It was supposed to be a January promo but we couldn’t reach the target, so to say so it’s a few days late. Nevertheless it is the most recent which introduces Brett Smith as porn producer and shows what JBHeat Productions is about.

Click on the link below to watch it.

Brett Smith has been in the video industry for 20 years and making Virtual Porn since 2015, mostly on 3dxchat.

Source: JBHeat Productions Promo January, 2017

The Creep

Release date: December 31, 2016
Starring, Lisa Anytime, Brett Smith
Music: Antonio Sadano
Platform used: 3DXChat
Produced, edited and directed by Brett Smith


She loves going to clubs and dance. She is young, beautiful and sexy. But there is someone watching. The Creep is a darker end of the adult film industry which is made for entertainment but also offers an awareness about possible dangers in real life.

A dark fantasy, a hard core porn.

The movie can be watched in both SD and HD. The default setting is SD for those who have slower internet. If you wish to watch it in better quality please click on the gear icon on the video window and change it to HD.


JBHeat Productions’ website is being re-pimped

Because of the popularity of our movies and because the website is so well visited, we will move all our movies to our own servers so they can be streamed in HD and will build a new face, a better website.

JBHEAT.COM is now directing visitors to the new location but you can always visit back to the old version by using

The Stripper

Release date: November 23, 2016
Starring, Juicy Jina, Brett Smith
Music: Antonio Sadano
Platform used: 3DXChat
Produced, edited and directed by Brett Smith


After closing the Strip Club the owner and one of the dancers will stay behind for one more, extra heated, erotic dance and some more… After all the boss always deserves the extra.


Introducing Lisa Anytime – JBHeat Productions November promotion, 2016


JBheat Productions proudly introducing it’s newest star, Lisa Anytime. Our new promotion video for November, 2016 has been released.

To read her bio please CLICK HERE.

Watch her promo video below by clicking the link below.


Release date: October, 2016
Starring, Chriistina, Brett Smith
Music: Antonio Sadano
Platform used: 3DXChat
Produced, edited and directed by Brett Smith


Somewhere up north on the ocean there is an iceberg. A couple mysteriously ended up there, all alone, with a fire, completely naked… in this improbable story a young man and woman will heat up the scene and might melt the ice in a loving, romantic and of course erotic hot time.

JBHeat Productions is one year old

A year ago today Jina and I founded JBHeat Productions. A virtual adult movie company making movies mostly in 3dxchat.
This one year had brought many changes for us both in private life and professionally but hey we are still here.
Celebrate this one year with us and lets continue to make these hot movies with beautiful and talented actresses from virtual worlds.