RL Info
Nmarie is 19 years old and lives in Belgrade, Serbia.
She is a student, likes fun but doesn’t smoke, drink, or use drugs….
In rl life she is a good girl and has a boyfriend.
3DXChat gave her a chance to do something that she can’t do in RL , but she has dreamed about it: becoming a porn actress.
JBH: How did you end up doing porn and why you like doing it?
Nmarie: Well, that’s one of my dreams. I enjoy sex. I love  having sex with strangers. I wish that all men, watching my films, fantasizes about me ….
JBH: What was the wildest sex thing you ever done (virtual)?
NMarie: Ohh …. a lot of things… Sex with 10 men in one night, sex in a public place (in the sin club, beach, yacht)….. But I think the craziest thing is sex with men over 60 years. The oldest was 67 years old,and really
experienced great moments with him. Several times we had an excellent sex.
JBH: What is your favorite sex pose and why?
Nmarie: My favorite pose is with two men on the couch. dp. Do I have to tell you why? LOL…
JBH: What is your wildest dream you really want to do someday?
Nmarie: I want to become the most famous virtual porn actress.!
JBH: When you are playing with yourself in RL during virtual sex what do you use?
Nmarie: My BF….lol…
JBH: What important message would you like to send to your fans through your movies?
Nmarie: Have fun, have sex. I enjoy what I’m doing. Dream about me, maybe someday I fulfill all your desires ..
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