Happy New Year

We, at JBHeat Productions wish you a fantastic year for 2017. Hopefully it will bring a lot of blessing in many ways.

So what JBHeat does have for you in 2017?

Definitely more movies. There are several ideas in progress and as time and capacity allows we hope to release a new feature once every month, but there will be other shorter projects too, promos, music videos to enjoy.

A list of new actresses. We already have several new actresses lined up for our fans, bios will be posted soon and also promo videos made. Stay tuned to find out who the gorgeous new girls will be to please you on screen.

Lot of fun, updates, stories and posts. As life goes on both in real life and in virtual worlds, we find time to have fun in many different ways, new stories born to share with you all. Get ready 🙂

Thank you for the continuous support and once again, wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

What happened with people’s sex habits?

Some of JBHeat videos and movies used to be hosted on Naughty Machinima. It’s a website where members can upload non-real life videos from animations, sex games, virtual worlds, etc.

It seemed to be a good idea at the time but I started to notice that the website is definitely lacking of normal (meaning human to human) sex clips. Horses, dogs, monsters fucking and raping women is just part of the freak show. Amputee being fucked… really? And then some even more disturbing, and gross videos that are getting thousands and thousands of views.

What the hell is wrong with people? Whatever happened to the beautiful sexual and hot scenes between people? Why do girls have to have dicks? Why a dog fucking it’s owner have to be a turn on? Maybe I’m too old and that’s what the world is becoming to, but I just can’t agree with it.

Other than quality restrictions, that weirdo collection was exactly the reason why JBHeat Productions moved it’s videos and movies to it’s own server. While we will still promote JBHeat on Naughty Machinima time to time, we will not upload any full feature movies there anymore. It just won’t do.

Bookmark this website and visit back regularly as we will be adding more quality “people” movies and videos.

Thank you for your continuous support.

Sincerely, Brett Smith


You can see a new menu item on the top of the page, called JBHEAT VAULT.

So what is that you wonder? Of course you want to click on it and you should because it will take you to our videos. All JBHEAT videos are and will be hosted there. Watch them in HD or SD quality and enjoy.

You can always come back to these pages and read updates and news about our projects, actors and actresses, or other trivia about what we do here.

So once you are ready to read up on news, clcik on JBHEAT VAULT and enjoy our movies, clipc and photos.

Thank you!

JBHeat Productions’ website is being re-pimped

Because of the popularity of our movies and because the website is so well visited, we will move all our movies to our own servers so they can be streamed in HD and will build a new face, a better website.

JBHEAT.COM is now directing visitors to the new location but you can always visit back to the old version by using http://jbheatproductions.blogspot.com