The Date – Written Version


Story by Brett Smith

The written version based on the Brett Smith’s story.
Grammars edited by Brett Smith
Author: Lefti
The time has come. It was a nice sunny Saturday morning. The invitation said You are invited to join me,my dear friends,on my boat for a day to sail around,drink,dance,flirt and who knows what else!”
The seagulls were flying around the boat. It hadn’t been more than 10 minutes that started sailing.  Jina was dressed lightly and comfy, after all this was a fun an relaxing time.  She had her sunglasses on, her hand laid on the bar as she was checking out the barman while he was making her cocktail, a mixture of fruits and some alcohol. The sun made her blonde hair look like golden stripes falling on her shoulders as the sun lotion made her skin glistering, shining like a star in the middle of the day.
Brett just finished saying hello and meeting people, he hadn’t seen his friend for quite long but he knew he had to let the host talk to others so he decided to move on the deck upstairs.  He was dressed casually, with a simply white T shirt and blue shorts. He grabbed a beer and started walking up the stairs and then he froze for a second. He bit his lips as he saw her. He held the beer with both hands and breathed in and decided to walk towards her wasting no time.  He made sure she was alone so he waited for only a second till the barman handed her her drink.
Brett: Excuse me,may I? – he said with a soft smile on his face.
Jina smiled back as she checked him out from top to nails. Brett couldn’t see her eyes behind the black glasses, but he surely felt it as he shivered. “Why don’t we –she stopped for a moment- sit back there on the couch? More comfortable don’t you think?”
Brett offered her his hand, she gladly took it thinking how kind and polite he was, she stood up and walked with him. He was smiling when he was raising her hand to his mouth holding it on the height of his chest . “I’m Brett” he said kissing her hand gently looking in her eyes. She smiled and felt flattered “I’m Jina” she answered back as he was holding her hand helping her take a seat.
B : Are you John’s friend?
J : Well..kind of, I’m friends with his girl she pulled me with her but I still don’t know why since she’s gonna spend all the day with him. – soft giggle.
B: Oh, so I must thank her for the indulging view and flirting. He said smiling.
J: You are a flatterer, arent you?
B: Only to the one who is actually worth to be flattered.
They couldn’t keep their eyes off each other. They kept talking and flirting. Jina’s friend walked up to find her but when she saw her talking with Brett she changed her mind and went back to the host to keep drinking and dancing with him.
B: Would you like with me? He said and stood up not actually leaving her any other choice but to follow him. He held her hand in his and walked down the stairs looking back at her with a big smile on his face as she followed him swaying her hips in such a tempting and seductive way. The went to the very back of the boat as it was just floating on the surface now,there was a soft song playing. Brett pulled her gently in his arms, he placed his hands on her waist, his fingertips gently pressed on her well shaped curves while she placed her hands on his strong chest. She could smell his scent, she could feel his heart beating. This mixture of sensation made them both so…strong and vulnerable at the same time.
B: I want to taste your lips.
J: I m not going to stop you.
He tilted his head as he lowered his hands. He massaged slowly every single bond of her spine giving her chills. She breathed out, filling his lungs with her breath and closed her eyes anticipating for his. His hands squeezed her butt gently, pulling her up onto him,his fingers pressed on her ass gently as their lips touched each other. Two soft moans would sound if the music wasn’t that loud. His tongue snaked in between her lips pressing hers back in her mouth and swirled around it. Tasting her while she placed her hands on his well shaped shoulders,stroking him gently and enjoying his kissing, melting in his arms.
The kissing and the cuddling and the getting to know each other’s body lasted till the end of the trip. None of those new lovers even cared to get another drink. The sun was about to dive in the sea when Jenna turned around, she wanted to feel him bulge grinding on her well shaped ass. Brett took her hands and placed them on her tummy and tilted his head over her shoulder kissing her neck and smelling her perfume which excited him even more,making him press his hips forward to grind on her ass cheeks .
B: You are so beautiful, I cant take my eyes off you.
J: Not just your eyes,but if I didn’t feel the same,I wouldn’t be grinding back on you.
She smiled and then they both looked at the beautiful sunset. Brett wanted her in his apartment but he was only trying to find a way to tell her. And that’s what her hand did as it slid behind her and between their bodies to feel his bulge. His hand moved a bit upper cupping her breasts as she leaned back on his chest and started kissing under the red sunlight.
They had to stop though, since Brett had to drive them back to his place after the boat sailed back to the marine. He was driving fast but not careless, he wanted to continue tasting her lips. He opened the door for his apartment to her and let her walk in.
J: Wow, that is a really nice place..and a great view! She said as she walked towards the windows
B: But I prefer the view as it is now. – He grinned and walked behind her to wrap his arms around her.
J: you just can’t have enough of me, can you?
B: No..I can’t .
Was the only thing he said before he pulled her on he couch stripping on their way there.
J: I want you – she said between their kissing and then pushed him back on the couch.
Brett grinned looking at her amazing body as she was standing over him, then in a delicate moving she sat next to him, leaned over his side and grabbed his cock. She started kissing him as her tiny soft delicate hand wrapped around his throbbing hardness.
B: Mmmm your hand is so soft…you make me feel so exhited.
Brett said and she answered with a long passionate kiss. Her hand kept moving up up n down, stroking his manhood and tasting his lips. He moaned and moved his hands up to cup her breasts. Her girls filled palm as he started massaging hem,cupping hem, pushing them together and made sure his thumb was teasing and grinding on her nipples making them harder ,letting out a soft moan in her mouth as the first bead of precum let a soaked spot on her wrists.
J : You;re such a big man. She said and went down on her knees, placing her hands on his thighs. She went low enough to be able to kiss and lick his smooth cum filled balls. His legs shook and went weaker but he found the strength to stood up. One of her hands cupped her breasts playing with them and teasing them as her other hand grasped his massiveness and started stroking it and bumping her head along his length, taking him in her mouth and swirling her tongue around its head, feeling his veins getting even thicker and redder.
B: Fuck…you’re such an expert!
He moaned as she moved a bit faster, sealing her lips around him and tasting every bead of precum he was giving her. He tilted his head back and rolled his eyes, she had a unique way of milking him with her hand and mouth and he even gasped when she tried to take him as deep as she could,clenching her throat on his shaft making him shivering while her hand on his balls pressed between them and massaged them.
B: My turn.
He said and breathed in, lifting her up and placing her gently on the couch. He took her legs in his hands and spread them. His body was half on the couch and half on the floor,kneeling and dived his head between her long sexy legs. His tongue swirled around her clit,soaking it even more and started moving his jaw up n down,scraping her slit with his teeth and lips.
J: Oh shit.. Mmmm .
She moaned and grabbed his head. Her lust was overwhelming she wanted him, she needed him and she made sure he will feel it too by pressing his head down between her legs and lifting up her hips grinding her pussy on his face. His hands cupped her ass and pulled her closer, sliding his tongue in her and started tongue fucking her, moaning on her pussy lips, vibrating her. Moaning even louder when he tasted the first small load that was dripping off her. He stuck his lips on her pussy lips, his eyes locked in hers he slid his tongue inside of her and started shaking his head, right n left as his hands were holding her still. She started shaking n spasming
J Yes..Yes..don’t stop, eat me! Make me cum!
Brett pushed his finger gently in her ass and pushed it up so he could feel his tongue in her pussy with his hand in her ass. Her toes curled the very moment he inserted his finger in her tight hole and a stream of nectar dripped in his mouth. He licked her clean carefully and then jumped up on her, grinding his body along the way between her legs and kissed her, sharing the delicious taste of her juices with her by kissing.
J: Fuck me! Shove that big cock of yours in my wet pussy, fill me up!
She hissed and placed her hands on his face, cupping his face and looking in his eyes when Brett with a delicate soft move pushed inside of her. His cock head spread her juicy pussy lips stretching them in a loving way as she let out a silent scream tilting her head back and rolling her eyes back.
J: Yesssss! Was all that she could say. All that she could think of while Brett started moving his body back n forth, pushing deeper with every thrust till he was balls deep inside of her.
B: Oh fuck you are so wet, so tight! He gasped and cupped her breasts leaning over them and fed on them. His tongue swirled around the aerosols like crazy as she was urging him to fuck her faster n deeper with her heels hitting his ass cheeks.
J: Yes right there! Right there! She screamed when his cock head started hitting the back of her womb while his length was grinding on her inner walls. She tried to tightened her muscles, milking him, making him push harder to go deeper. He just couldn’t keep his hands off her. His lust was growing every moment and she could feel it by the way his speed of thrusting was rising .
With her legs wrapped around him wasn’t that hard for her to roll him over and ride him. She grinned looking in his eyes and placed her hands on his chest. Her nails started scratching him as she rode him like he has never had before. His hands cupped her bouncing breasts, he pulled his feet closer to his body, making his pelvis and his cock the perfect seat for Jina who started clamping her ass down on him, increasing the speed as she was breathing heavier. Feeling his hard pole stretching her , making h er leak her juices over his balls and pelvis.
B: Oh mmmm Don’t you dare stop. He gasped as it was his turn now to roll his eyes back as she was using her hips to rotate her ass, making his cock grind inside her like a lever. She grinned like a true vixen and grabbed his hands to push them back on the bed.
J: You are mine! She said before kissing him and before she started clamping her ass back down on him again. Her breast swayed in the air like trees in the wind,moving up n down matching the rhythm she was riding him.
He couldn’t hold it much longer. He stared in her eyes and, being stronger, he moved his hands on her ass, groped her as good as he could and moved his feet even closer to their bodies just to give more power to the thrusting. His cock moved like a piston, up and down, his balls were hitting on her slit and he made sure his pelvis would hit on her clit just to give her the ultimate pleasure she was giving him.
B: I cant hold it any longer.
J:Just.. mmmm don’t pull mmmm out .
Their pace didn’t drop at all, she was leaking nonstop and, it was only when she felt the underside of his cock bulging as the waves of cum were sent from his balls to his cock head, she started gushing out her nectar. Her pussy clenched all over his hardness making it impossible for him to hold back as he exploded again and again and again. Kissing her deeply when he was emptying his seed, filling her.
She couldn’t bare it,she collapsed over him,cupping his face,kissing him deeply as they both tried to catch their breaths.
J: I think I m going to visit an artist..I want a new tatto
B: It should say..”Made in heaven for Brett”
If you wish to watch the movie this novel was written by please CLICK HERE!

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