Experience Beach Heat, a Sensual Beach Dream in the Sequel to The Date | Juicy Jina | Antonio Sadano | Brett Smith | JBHeat Productions™”

Beach Heat


A sunny beach is a true paradise on earth, with its golden sands, crystal-clear waters, and gentle sea breeze that whispers through the palm trees. It is a place where time seems to stand still, allowing visitors to relax and unwind in the embrace of nature’s beauty.

This film is the long-awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed movie “The Date”, which captivated audiences back in October 2015. In this new chapter, we find Jina and Brett, our beloved protagonists, basking in the sun on the pristine beach. Brett takes a refreshing swim in the sparkling ocean, while Jina, feeling the warmth of the sun on her skin, drifts off into a peaceful slumber.

As she falls into a dreamy state, Jina’s mind conjures up a vivid and tantalising fantasy. In her dream, she finds herself on a secluded island with Brett, their bodies entwined in a passionate embrace. The dream is so vivid and alluring that Jina cannot resist its pull, feeling the heat of desire coursing through her veins.

When she finally awakens from her reverie, Jina decides that she wants to turn that scorching dream into reality. With a mischievous glint in her eye, she sets out to seduce Brett and make their shared fantasy come alive on the sun-kissed shores of the beach.

As the sun dips below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the beach, Jina and Brett’s love story takes a thrilling turn. The beauty of the beach serves as the perfect backdrop for their passionate encounter, as they lose themselves in each other’s arms, their hearts beating as one in the rhythm of the waves.

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In the end, Jina and Brett’s love story unfolds like a dream come true, a testament to the power of desire and the magic of the beach. With the gentle lullaby of the ocean in the background, they create memories that will last a lifetime, forever etched in the sands of time on that sunny beach.


  • Starring: Juicy Jina
  • Music by Antonio Sadano
  • Directed by Brett Smith
  • Produced and published by JBHeat Productions™

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