“The Creep” – A Provocative Film Depicting Fantasy Role-Play in 3DXChat

“The Creep” is a provocative film made in 3DXChat where Lisa unknowingly captivates a man’s attention in a club. Subsequently, he masks himself, confines her to his basement, and commits a sexual assault. It is essential to clarify that this scenario is a product of Lisa’s fantasy, which we have brought to life. However, it is crucial to emphasise that we in no way endorse or support the heinous act of rape, as it remains an abhorrent deed under any circumstances or context. Therefore, it should be noted that all events depicted in this movie involve consensual role-play.

Starring: Lisa Anytime; Music by Antonio Sadano; Directed by Brett Smith; Produced and published by JBHeat Productions™.

Click on the cover below to watch this 3DXChat video.

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